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The GIG Economy

On-Demand Worker Surge

The number of on-demand workers in the U.S. is expected to nearly double in the next four years. That means 9.2 million Americans are expected to work in the gig economy by 2021, up from 3.8 million last year, according to combined research by Intuit and Emergent Research.


Risk Readiness


Impact Readiness

Questions About Your Risk?

Less than 20% of executives believe their companies fully understand the labor laws that govern contingent workers.

Only 11% have complete management processes for the contingent part of the workforce.

The Gentry Partnership

We specialize in significantly improving how our clients manage contingent workers
liability •
risk • cost  spend visibility • performance transparency • lines-of-business collaboration.


Gentry Partnership is a procurement consulting firm specializing in optimizing contingent workforce programs in large companies with significant contingent labor spend. As former staffing executives and sourcing experts, our team brings unique industry-insider perspectives to driving hard-dollar cost savings and improving service. Gentry’s 25 years of staffing industry experience and thought leadership provide unique perspective and the foundation for delivering high performing solutions. We leverage contingent labor industry-insider perspectives to improve service and achieve next generation cost savings in mature sourcing environments.


Do you manage your own contingent workforce? Are you looking to reduce risks and costs? We could save you millions of dollars through cost reduction and risk assessment and mitigation initiatives. In more mature settings, our approach to cost savings is simple. We leverage the structure and supply base in your existing temporary labor program to gather data. Program metrics and contracts are then benchmarked against best in class. The process is low-impact on your team and high-return for your business. Based on years of experience and industry knowledge, we then provide a comprehensive plan to generate immediate hard-dollar cost savings and recommendations to improve service in the lines of business. You decide the role we will play in the implementation and choose the strategies to execute. Our clients typically achieve between 5% and 15% savings.


We are so committed to finding hard-dollar cost savings, we don’t charge you to engage us in our analysis and create our detailed report. By working on a gain share, supplier-funded model, our work is “self-funded” by the projects we tackle and the value we create. Because of this, our clients never have to write a check to Gentry. They don’t have to find a budget for our fees and they don’t have to worry about not getting the results they paid for, we are only paid on actual savings. Our category experts bring years of industry experience as well as the spend of many other companies to provide each client with a wealth of savings options.


The Gentry Partnership will save you money through forensic analysis, benchmarking and proprietary cost savings strategies.

Cost Saving Strategies

We use contingent worker assignment data and vendor contracts to devise innovative cost saving strategies and a cost recovery plan. You choose the strategies to execute and the role we will play in achieving the savings.

Typical Client savings: 5% to 15%.

Invoice Audit

Gentry’s Invoice Audit forensically compares vendor agreements to historical invoices and payments, identifying immediate cost recovery opportunities coming from unapproved or erroneous invoice charges.

Governance & Risk Mitigation

Gentry evaluates your contingent workforce strategies and processes and identifies issues that may be putting your business at significant risk. Once these risks are exposed, we’ll create a step-by-step risk mitigation plan that allows you to eliminate these risks, at a pace that works for your business.

Trusted Partner

We love saving our clients money, but don’t take our word for it.  Listen to what our clients have to say.

“Gentry’s analysis and findings were the most comprehensive that I’ve seen in my career, in any spend category.”

Procurement Executive, $15 Billion Energy Company

“Gentry provided fact-based analysis that enabled us to confidently pursue more concessions.”

Procurement Executive, Fortune 500 Company

“Gentry helped us achieve results far beyond what we could have achieved on our own.”

Procurement Executive, Fortune 500 Company

“Gentry’s online portal helped streamline our process and provides significant savings.”

President, Manufacturing Company

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